Welcome to the Cypress Chapter web site. The Cypress Chapter Net Control is David Nachbaur, KR4OW.

Although the Cypress Chapter is no longer affiliated with the 10-10 International Net we are still quite active on ALL bands and modes. Our weekly net is held 00:00z every Wednesday (8PM on Tuesday evening for those unfamiliar with UTC time) on 28.465mhz. Stop by and join the informal net. There are many check-ins who still exchange 10-10 numbers during the net so come and join the fun. You do not need a 10-10 number to check-in to our net! We don’t discourage the use of 10-10 numbers but we are no longer constrained to the formality of chasing irrelevant numbers and certificates which have no real value in the amateur radio community.

We no loner limit ourselves to the 10 meter band! You never know where the Cypress Chapter folks will show up. Could be 20 meters, 2 meters, 40 meters or any other band. You will find some of us participating in ARRL/CQ/IARU contests and regional QSO parties and modes other than SSB.


To paraphrase Mark Twain, ‘The report of our death was an exaggeration’. Somehow the terms “QRT” and “Cypress Chapter” have been sent around the Internet but that isn’t the case. Rather than confining ourselves to a single band while trading membership numbers we have actually expanded into other bands and modes.